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Vicky Capar

Board Director

Vicky is a registered Architect. Her skill-set in design, documentation, project management and delivery are reflective of her multiple academic qualifications and client testimonials.

Vicky delivers projects with strategic ease. Her characteristic energy, focus and drive is why she marks 20 years of success in the industry.

Vicky was founding director of 2020 Architects, where she successfully has procured and delivered various design projects and high-end boutique developments on the upper and lower North Shore of Sydney.

Grafting together constructive simplicity and a sense of slenderness to define spacious interiors, Vicky creates designs that interact with the surroundings and this is the rendering success of her journey.

Fulfilling a thirst for knowledge in the disciplines starting with “A” – Arts,Archaeology and Architecture –Vicky adopts a diverse albeit rational communication as a practicing Architect.

Working with a charity resonates a fundamental part of her attitude, her philosophy to deliver creativity, hard work, discipline and integrity.

“Our vision is to grow into a strong organisation of givers with long arms, offering a hand up.”

Rocco Falcomata - Founder
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