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It was in conversations with Scott Herring, a Cobargo community member, that the Phoenix Shed program was born. We facilitated his idea, of pooling community resources to come up with the Phoenix Shed Workshop, which guided participants through the process of building an 8m x 4m structure. Supported with the generosity of Reece Grants, Building Angels as the licensed builder ran the workshop over the course of several weeks. Read more here.

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February 11, 2021

The Phoenix workshop ran over several weeks in November and December 2020 giving participants an understanding of the building process for an 8m x 4m structure in its basic form and the confidence to use the power tools required to do the job.

The work shop was all about empowering individuals who lost their homes in the Black Summer Fires, bringing community together and providing hope and options, regarding the possibilities of a pathway home.

It was all too easy for those not affected by the Black Summer Fires to be caught up in the additional hardship and uncertainty bought about by the pandemic, to forget that there were many just surviving in donated caravans, Minderoo pods or other semi permanent structures and still with a long journey before they are back to some sort of normal.

The Phoenix Shed is a simple structure that can be built to lock-up stage and allows the user to make internal modification to suit their specific needs. It has formed the basis of larger designs with a 60m2 footprint as well as design with the same 32m2 internal space as the original Phoenix but with modifications to the roof line and window placement.

Building Angels maximised the grant funds received from The Reece Grant with heavily discounted materials, donated materials/goods and free project management. Partnering with Building Angels were suppliers such as Spantec Building Systems, Weathertex, Stegbar Windows, Mitre-10 Bega and Boral Concrete with some suppliers extending these discounts to anybody building a Phoenix through the Building Angels.

Design support was initiated with generosity of Fox & Wolf in Milton, with DA submission and on going design modification by the fabulous Nigel Dickson and his team at Dickson Rothschild.

Almost complete: The Phoenix Shed Workshop structure will be the new home of the Cobargo Community Garden.

"Building Angels has been honored to be involved, to be the facilitator and conduit to allow to make this possible. However, it should be noted that the Cobargo community are empowering and resilient in their own right, they have created their own programs and support circles within the community to aid their own recovery. Owner-built Phoenix shed are supported by one such community initiative, the Triangle Tool Library which shares tools with the community and the workshop would not be possible without the use of these tools," says Lisa Tuersley, CEO Building Angels.

If you were affected by the Black Summer Fires and are looking to build a Phoenix Shed on your property, please contact Building Angels for further information.

Tel: 1800 026 435

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