Phoenix Shed

It has been said that “TO PLANT A SEED IS TO BELIEVE IN TOMORROW ” and that is what the Cobargo Garden Community Shed is all about. After such devastation from the fires, this project brings hopes. It not only delivers a Community Garden Shed to keep the community connected by sharing common interests but also providing a workshop setting to up-skill and give confidence to the budding owner-builder to tackle a shed build of their own. READ MORE HERE.

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August 6, 2020

The Phoenix shed program provides a workshop setting during the construction of the prototype, (the Community Garden Shed). The workshop aims to empower the community and surrounding towns and provide them with advice, tips and instructions on how to build a shed on their properties to their individual needs and requirement (subject to Council approval). The aim is to educate, and up-skill through a staged workshop setting.

Phoenix BASE Shed (an simple 8 x 4 shed) provides a good starting point for people but this base design can be modified and expanded to create either the same style as the Cobargo Community Garden Shed or any other variation to suit their needs and budget.   

The extension of this program is an easy ordering system of discounted materials with some options on material finishes such as roofing material and cladding material and with a few more volunteers, we hope to have building buddy system from anyone that would like to pledge their services in supporting the shed build.

Cost effective labour still remains the biggest challenge for those struggling to do it themselves on a tight budget, so if you are a builder or a carpenter, pledging your labour services would be greatly accepted.

With still so many people still living under canvas, in mini buses or caravans, we hope that the Phoenix Shed program will provide "a seed" - a starting point and bring hope for the pathway home.

If anyone is interested knowing more about he Phoenix Shed Program, please reach out by telephone 1800 026 435 or email, or for those wishing to support Building Angels with a donation visit

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