A Helping Hand Up

We are here to assist with home building works, modifications and repairs and ensure homes support the needs of its occupants. If you are an individual experiencing hardship and require support or if you are another not-for-profit charity or community organisation wanting to offer our services, then please complete the Application Form below. 

Building Angels

Do you or does someone you know need help because they…

  • Experienced a significant life event or crises impacting their safety and security
  • Suffered life-impacting home damage caused through natural disasters such as bush fires, floods and other natural disasters
  • Suffered unexpected or tragic life circumstances leaving them incapacitated
  • Are alone and infirm or elderly and in financial hardship
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“We hope to build community involvement to assist people in need and help teach the next generation the joy of helping others.”

Rocco Falcomata - Founder
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